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Q. Program to concatenate two strings using Remote Method Invocation.


Q. Display the user name and password inputted throught an HTML form using Servlet also write the web.xml file for the same.

Q. Program to create a Servlet that display the information about Cookies.

Q. Develop an application for banking manangement using JSP.

Q. Application using following components

a) Registry html file which will read student info (roll_no, name, class)

b) Student class having Roll_no, name, class as data member and connect(), disconnect(), validate() and insertdate() method. This class should use database connectivity.

c) MyServlet class which will either register student or display appropriate message if student is already registered.


Q. Create a table.
FirstName, Varchar, 50
LastName, Varchar, 50
Street, Varchar, 50
City, Varchar, 50
Zipcode, Varchar, 50

Display records as per following:
1. Insert 10 records in a table and display table contents.
2. Update 5 records and display the no of updated rows.
3. Display the table in descending order using scrollable methods. 

Q. Program to implement scrollable result set.