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Module I

Introduction to Java RMI, RMI services, RMI client, Running client and server, ODBC
and JDBC Drivers, Connecting to Database with the java.sql Package, Using JDBC
Terminology; Evolving Nature of Area.

Module II

Introduction to Servlets, Servlet Life Cycle, Servlet based Applications, Servlet and HTML. JSP:
Introduction to JSP, JSP implicit objects, JSP based Applications, Java. Net.

Module III

Enterprise Java Beans:-EJB roles—EJB Client-Object -container-Transaction Management—
implementing a Basic EJB Object-Implementing session Beans-Implementing Entity
Beans-Deploying an enterprise Java Beans Object-Changes in EJB1.1 specification.

Module IV

The Model-View-Controller Architecture What is Struts, Struts Tags, Creating Beans, Other Bean Tags,
Bean Output, Creating HTML Forms, The Action Form class The Action class, Simple Struts: a simple
Struts application

Module V

Android Platform overview, UI, Android Stack/Architecture, Android SDK, Android
building blocks, multimedia in Android, SQL Database in Android