How I convert my Programs to Algos: 

Comments in square brackets 

eg:  [End of If Structure]

Variables in Upper Case.

eg: I, J, ITEM, LOC

Equality Operator: 

== written as =

Assignment Operator: 

= written as :=

Assignment Expression: 

eg: Set I:=0

Looping Structures:

(While Loop) eg: Repeat Steps # to # while I>=0 and ptr!=NULL

(For Loop) eg: Repeat Steps from I=N to 0 by -1

Input/Output Commands

eg: Write: LOC is the location of the Item

eg: Read: POS

Control Structures:

eg: If I>LOC then:
                    Else if I<LOC then:

Many Steps can be combined using commas & and

eg: Set K:=1, LOC :=1 and MAX:=99

Starting Algos with following format:


where LIST is the array list of elements
                N stores the no of elements in List
                ITEM is the new element to Insert
                POS is the position to insert new element

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 9: Exit.