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01 Basic Stuff

posted Nov 3, 2012, 11:42 PM by Neil Mathew   [ updated Nov 3, 2012, 11:45 PM ]

I had some problems pasting images in the CA Lab during the first few classes. 
So, instructions to start a project are unfortunately not aided with screenshots.

Softwares Used: ORCAD Capture & PSpice

Without pictures, I really don't see the point in explaining how to create a project. 
So, I'll just mention a few mistakes I made which I hope I won't make again.

Caution #1

When you create a project, make a 'combined' 'analog' project.

My memory is a bit faulty but I do recall facing problems in the simulation
if the above is not properly specified.

Caution #2

We are using a Trial Version of OrCad. Hence, the software repeatedly checks online 
and continues to remind the user to validate the software. 

This causes all kinds of problems like it not starting up, 
random closing of unsaved projects, and a stupid dialog box 
which will not disappear until you click TRY AGAIN a countless number of times.

Solution: Disconnect your system from the internet. Trust me, it helps. 

Caution #3

When you place the various components (Gates, ICs, etc) onto the page,
make sure you take them from the EVAL Library. 

If you take them from elsewhere, a green circle is seen next to each gate.
See it as a sign of doom. Your circuit will not simulate properly.

Caution #4

This, not so important. But something I've repeatedly faced.
Make sure your connecting wires are... well.. properly connected.
Often the wires seem like they are connected, but they're not. 

Check that in the following way.
Move the gate or component around and if the wires move with it, It's connected.

Only Screenshots I could manage. 

The Main Toolbar.

The PSpice Toolbar

(nmnm is the name of my simulation profile)

And Full Screen Screenshots: